Veterans Relief Fund, Inc.
A California, non profit charity, designed to take marijuana as a tax deductable gift.
That medicine is then given to veterans in medical need, from injury, illness, or PTSD.

Veterans Relief Fund, Inc.
A California 501C3 non profit charity, designed to take marijuana as a tax deductable gift for veterans that are considered medical marijuana patients.

Marijuana can be treated in 18 states though veterans asistance.

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Veterans Relief Fund, Inc

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That medicine is then given to veterans in conjunction with their normal prescribed medications.  The marijuana is known to enhance the efficacy of other medications usually resulting, in the reduction of amounts prescribed. 


IF you would like to make a donation of marijuana to this nonprofit charity, to receive a tax deductable credit or gift, to a non profit charity that is making a difference for our wounded warriors and soldiers, on location at the (VA) Veterans Hospitals in California.  This project is only currently available in California.  

Your donation is saving a life today!

VA Releases Veteran Suicide Statistics by State
by U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs


Once the process is understood by your CPA, we can calculate your donation (s), and then apply that towards your tax write offs for either a Gift, or Donation to a 501(C)3 non profit charity in accordance with the laws of California.

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